KHG Fund raising now an urgent priority

February 2015

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of those people who have helped us reach this stage. Without this help the outcome might have been very different. However, it is now urgent that we restore our fighting fund to maximise our chances of success at the next stage.

Why we need a fighting fund

Having rejected the wind farm application, Winchester, Basingstoke and Test Valley Councils will all be pulling together to defend their decisions against EDF’s appeal. The Councils will be putting up the best possible case to defend their decision and KHG will be supporting them. In addition KHG has some advantages in its flexibility to appoint its own professionals with wide experience of, and a good track record in, defeating wind farm proposals. Also, unlike the Councils, we are able to fight on issues not listed in the Councils’ reasons for refusal.

These essential professionals will ensure that we are able to put up the strongest and most comprehensive opposition we are able but they will of course be very expensive. We find ourselves in a David and Goliath battle against a developer with enormous resources.

Fundraising has gone well but there is still a substantial shortfall.  We are asking if you can offer some financial support so that we do not fall at this final hurdle. To those of you who have already given so generously, our heartfelt thanks. Whatever you feel able to donate will be gratefully received: PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.


If you would like to help or want more information, you can contact our treasurer, Robert Elkington, or Chairman, Douglas Paterson

Cheques can be made out to “Keep Hampshire Green” and sent to:
The Treasurer, Keep Hampshire Green, Cranbourne Grange, Sutton Scotney, SO21 3NA.

Please contact the Treasurer for account details if you would prefer to make a direct transfer.

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Fighting off a large wind turbine power station takes up time and will cost money. If you would be prepared to help us Keep Hampshire Green, whether you can help with time, expertise or funding, please contact us at

For press enquiries please contact: 07802 391105

What can we do now?

We are very pleased that all three councils refused EDF's application. However, we can expect them to appeal the decision. Their appeal needs to be made within six months of the June decision.

1. Please keep encouraging as many people as possible to register with KHG at . Numbers count.

2. Although the time for public participation has passed, you may like to discuss the issues with your elected representatives and make your views felt.


City and Borough Councils


Test Valley Borough Council

Winchester City Council

Hampshire County Council


Test Valley

Itchen Valley

Whitchurch and Clere

Parish Councils

Onshore wind turbines are “merely a gesture to prove our leaders’ environmental credentials”
Professor James Lovelock, Scientist, Environmentalist, author of The Gaia Hypothesis