“Our countryside is not renewable”

Keep Hampshire Green is an environmental action group formed by Hampshire residents to oppose French electricity giant EDF’s plans for a massive wind turbine power station in the heart of the county.

The proposed power station would consist of 14 wind turbines, scarring a beautiful landscape for many miles around Bullington Cross. At 126 metres high (413ft) each turbine would be taller than the cooling towers at Didcot Power Station (99m, 326ft). Standing on high ground, they would be visible across a large part of Hampshire and as far afield as Salisbury, Alton, Winchester and even Southampton.

This would be one of the largest inland wind power stations in the south of England, and yet its output and carbon savings would be tiny. According to EDF’s figures, at best it would produce half of one per cent of Didcot’s output.

Keep Hampshire Green supports an appropriate mix of sustainable energy sources. Electricity consumers, through subsidies, will pay for this. We believe EDF’s proposal would be an extremely poor investment of our resources for a future clean energy supply. The only significant benefit would be to the developer and the landowner.

“We came upon the Downs to the north of Winchester… There are not many finer spots in England... Here are hill, dell, water, meadows, woods, cornfields, downs; and all of them very fine and beautifully disposed… We had, when we got upon the downs… this sort of country all the way to Whitchurch”.
William Cobbett, Rural Rides, 1830

Keep Hampshire Green believes that the limited amount of electricity generated by industrial wind turbines cannot possibly justify the huge sacrifice of unspoilt rural environment – our countryside is not renewable.

Download a map showing visibility of turbines from the surrounding area

“Wind power... among the most expensive ways known to man to marginally reduce carbon emissions”
Professor Dieter Helm, Energy Economist, Oxford University